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Lapsang Souchong Black Tea 2 oz

All Organically Sourced Ingredients (Caffeinated)

The word souchong means ‘sub-variety’ in Chinese. Souchong leaves are the larger leaves on the camellia sinensis plant that have been rolled lengthwise to produce ragged, coarse pieces. These Chinese souchong leaves from the Fujian Provence have been withered and dried over a wood fire imparting a smokey flavor to the tea. Some lapsang souchongs have smoke flavorings added, we source only authentic lapsang souchongs produced the traditional way.

Our Mission: To share our passion and knowledge of tea with our customers so that they can fully appreciate the diverse flavor profiles the world of tea has to offer. We strive to enrich the existing tea aficionado's palate & create new tea lovers along the way.

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